about Lady macbeth

As all true sadists know, domination begins with the intellect. I will bend your mind to my will long before I bend you over and spank you mercilessly. With a Master’s degree in literature, I have a way with language, and my deliciously cruel words will cause you more pain than any blow ever could.  I do not believe, however, in cruelty for cruelty's sake: I am an incredibly intuitive dominatrix, and I will temper our sessions with a firm tenderness if I sense that this is what you need to blossom as a submissive.

Although I am happy to work with novices who have a genuine desire to submit to a mistress, I have little patience for BDSM dilettantes who have no real commitment to the lifestyle, and who are merely looking for a novel way to get their kicks. As a professional dominatrix, I long to meet true submissives, genuine devotees of kink…those who understand that their rightful place is at my feet, looking up at me in gratitude and adoration.

With my short hair, angular cheekbones and lithe figure encased in tight latex, my appearance seems rather severe, in the “sexy prison guard” vein. While I look like - and am- someone who enjoys inflicting pain,  I am nonetheless no stranger to sensuality. I always take my time, slowly and sensuously toying with you and invoking a crescendo of pain.

In my vanilla life, I enjoy a wide range of creative pursuits: film, theatre, reading, writing, and listening to live music at one of the many wonderful venues here in Austin, Texas.  I love animals of all kinds, especially cats. Although I take great care of myself physically and practise yoga daily, I believe that it is important to indulge one's senses; a life without fine red wine and cake or chocolate would be a very dull life indeed.

I am currently located in Central Northeast Austin, Texas.