You can find reviews of my services on the site "Mistress Review". 

However, in case you are a lazy little slave, I have also posted my reviews below (in chronological order - from newest to oldest):


January 2018 - "Anonymous"

I am a terribly anxious person and had no idea what to expect, this being my first visit to a pro-domme, and Lady Macbeth very handily adjusted to take excellent care of me. She made my experience feel personal and submission to her felt correct in every way I could think. Her voice is beautiful, it's burned into my mind. She is highly intelligent, and was able to externalize that intellect into words effortlessly, all while gazing piercingly into me and making me want to melt into the bed where she had me pinned at the time. Her play space is not elaborate, but it is nicely designed. There was dim candle light which produced a cozy red tint, and a sturdy metal bed with black sheets.I recommend setting a time at least a week in advance, so she has time to get to know you. Be as open as you can about yourself (though don't trail off into your erotic fantasy), the more she knows, the better she will adjust to you as a person. She is very skilled in this aspect, and deserves your total ability in being punctual and respectful and much more. Treat her the way she deserves, and she will likewise give you an amazing experience. It was absolutely worth the time and money, people like her are very hard to find!


December 2017 - "Anonymous"

Mistress Macbeth is a true lady in every sense of the word. I had my first session with her today and I was so impressed she looks like an angel but don’t let her look fool you. She can spank you so that you will still be feeling it for the next several hours. My bottom still burns and I can feel the licks she put on my ass. WOW what a wonderful woman. But be very careful what you ask for because she will give you everything you ask for.I’m looking forward to our next session and I’m asking her to spank me harder than today. Now that I know what she is capable of I only wish I had asked for more. But she knows what I want for our next meeting and she is more than happy to give it to me. I only hope that I can honor her by taking everything she gives me because she gives it all and then someShe is also a great at listening to you I cannot say enough about her. She is both very caring and very strict. I just cannot wait to see her again. If your looking for a severe spanking don’t think twice about calling her. Absolutely the best!!!


September 2017 - "GForce"

I ran across Lady Macbeth's Web site one day and from the few pics of her and reading her description, she piqued my interest on different levels. I followed her online instructions on contacting her for a session, which included filling out her initial form. Within a day, she e-mailed me with additional instructions, and also a set of questions for me to answer. We exchanged e-mails to clarify a few details and then once we decided to move forward, I paid the deposit as per her instructions. Afterwards, we made arrangements for her consultation call and then scheduled our session for a week out. On the day of our session, she called me with directions to her location. I was quite anxious to meet her actually, not knowing what to expect since it's the first time meeting her, so I was rather nervous. I knew her rules so I had a clear understanding of what (or what not) to expect to happen during our session.I arrived exactly on time, not a minute sooner or later, as instructed by Lady Macbeth. I knocked, and she answered the door to let me in. My instant impression when I saw her was "wow". Before seeing her in person, I only [...]


September 2017 - "Bala"

I always longed to get in touch with a dominatrix & without an ounce of doubt, Lady Macbeth is the one I am sure anyone would want to be dominated by. She is a European with a great body, excellent command of language & above all she is a fine mind-reader. I am a very very shy person who doesn't talk about my needs a lot but she gave me exactly what I wanted in the session & I still deeply cherish the moments we spent together. The session itself was very sensual & had the right mix of punishment, word-play and kinks which you would never forget. I give Mistress Lady MacBeth a big thumbs up & I am proud to be her slave any time.