I will stimulate you until you are on the brink of experiencing the greatest pleasure of your life - and then...nothing. You have been a very naughty boy, and you don't deserve to have a good time.


You understand that a woman is superior to you in all ways. Show your appreciation for womankind by worshipping my perfect body.


* Feet


Please note that clothing or shoes will be worn at all times for the above activities.



It must be so hard being a man, having to put on a big macho display when inside you're just a  weak, quivering mess. Stop pretending that you're in control by letting me take away all your power.

* Chains

* Wrist and ankle cuffs

* Ball gags

* Hoods etc.


Let me humiliate you by smearing you with the most disgusting foodstuff possible.



* Wax play

* Kneeing

* Flogging  etc.



If you have a specific fantasy or kink that isn't listed above, feel free to provide details via email. However, please note that I NEVER cater to the whims of my subs. If I am gracious enough to consider one of your requests, it is because it has captured MY imagination.



Bend over and submit to exquisite lashings from my trusty cane and riding crop.


There you are in the office or in the grocery store looking like a straight-laced business man. But underneath your suit, your manhood is imprisoned in a chastity cage for which only I have the key. 

Note: YOU are responsible for sizing and purchasing your own chastity cage.



My studio often needs a good deep cleaning because of all the dirty little subs like you traipsing through it. Carry out the tasks that are beneath a goddess like myself: scrub my floors or bathtub, or clean my toilet while I watch over you offering criticism, or - in rare cases - praise for a job well done. 



You've always fantasized about being with another man, and I will gladly force you to worship one of my handsome and willing male friends. This activity is NOT available for first-time clients. You must first prove yourself to be a reliable sub to deserve it. 



Make sure that I have everything I need by offering gifts and spontaneous tributes. If you prefer to show your devotion more consistently, you may even tithe (offer a tribute on a set schedule).



Austin, Texas, has many fantastic restaurants. Why don't you wine and dine me in style while I embarrass you in front of the waitstaff and treat you with the contempt you deserve? Try to keep a straight face while, under the table, the razor-sharp stiletto of my shoe rams into your crotch.  This activity is NOT available for first-time clients, as I am not comfortable meeting anybody in public whom I don't already know.

No one under the age of 18
No Sex
No Genital/Oral Contact
No animals
No switching (I will NEVER submit)